Le Canal de Nantes à Brest vue en drone
©Emmanuel Berthier

Marion Ambassador around Saint-Congard

Portrait of Marion

Marion is a teacher and passionate about history and geography. She proposes to share her knowledge of the territory, supported by anecdotes or history on Saint-Congard.

She discovered this town in her youth and became very interested in it when her parents decided to settle there. Morbihan by adoption, she has evolved between Finistère, Loire-Atlantique and India where she studied for a year.

She offers short hikes through Mount Hersé, which is part of the Landes de Lanvaux, near the Canal de Nantes à Brest.

Text Mélodie Lecomte and photos © L. Monneraye

To meet Marion, contact:

Malestroit reception
6 place du Bouffay – 56140 MALESTROIT
✆ 02 97 75 45 35