Boutavent Vu Du CielBoutavent Vu Du Ciel
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The Domaine de Boutavent An archaeological site in the middle of nature

The Domaine de Boutavent

Under the embankments and at the edge of the Broceliande forest, play the archaeologist and try to understand the history of Castle life!


Hey no, no big castle or big walls… But this nature reserve still reveals some nice surprises.

Established on a rocky promontory and on the edge of two rivers the site dominates the forest of Broceliande. The ruins of a castle uncovered through archaeological surveys prove that you are walking in the footsteps of Lord of Montfort William II. You are here atBoutavent Castle, a medieval castle dating from the 13th century.

Today only remains, but the panels that line the site will explain to you in detail how the castle was designed at the time. It was still nearly 6500 m2 and consisted of enclosures, the bailey, the upper bailey and a gate tower. Climb to the highest point, pretty cool panorama right?

The archaeological site is also a landscape conservatory. The forest rubs shoulders with the moor and the bocage… Keep your eyes open during your visit you might come across a owl, a common buzzard, a kestrel, a green lizard or a hare…!


Want to continue your walk? Follow the hiking trails to reach thevallon de la Chambre au Loup or the Lac de Trémelin.
Are you a gambler? Try to find the treasure of Boutavent thanks to Geocaching! And if you find it, go look for the treasures of Trémelin, Careil, Saint-Gonlay, Montfort, Bédée

Hikes passing by Boutavent

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