Bateau sur le Canal de Nantes à brest à MalestroitFrance, Morbihan (56), Malestroit, le canal de Nantes à Brest
©Emmanuel Berthier
Navigating the Canal

Navigating the Canal

With family or friends, get together to share unforgettable moments of relaxation and complicity along the Nantes to Brest canal. Aboard your boat, enjoy the exceptional view that is offered to you… do you like the place? Make a stopover, in total freedom. It’s as simple as that !

Boat and enjoy on the canal

For a trip of one hour, one to several days or even a week, find the contacts of boat rental companies on the practical guide of the Nantes to Brest canal. This guide lists accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities and events proposed near the canal.

A second document presents in detail and in an illustrated manner the possible stopovers along the canal.

Navigating also rhymes with safety

Find all the news and regulatory information and navigation rules of the Nantes to Brest canal on the website of the navigable waterways of Brittany.

In order for all users to enjoy the place in peace and quiet, it is advisable to respect a few rules, namely :

  • Respect the speed limits to preserve the wildlife and the banks of the channel,
  • Reduce your speed when approaching fishermen,
  • Avoid fishermen’s lines,
  • Respect parking areas.