personnages légendaires Brocéliande
©Christophe Gattuso

The characters of the Arthurian legend Merlin and King Arthur as master of Broceliande

King Arthur and his knights of the round table, Merlin, the fairy Viviane… all these characters are familiar to you, each of us having already heard their stories. Well, their roots are in Broceliande, an enigmatic forest and the place of many Arthurian legends.

The master of the place

The forest would not be “Broceliande” without all the stories that are attached to it. But Broceliande is first and foremost Merlin the enchanter, the master of the place, a prisoner of the forest who presided over the destiny of this enigmatic land. Merlin at the same time druid, adviser of the king, magician, prophet is the thread between all the characters of the Arthurian legend.

Between reality and imagination

Fruit of the imagination of inspired writers or real facts having offered this fame to the forest, no one really knows. This is the charm of Broceliande, where the boundary between the real and the imaginary opens a breach in which the storytellers of Broceliande take you to relive the epic of the knights of the Round Table, the love of Guinevere and Lancelot or the legend of Excalibur.