Forêt de BrocéliandeForêt de Brocéliande

The massif of Broceliande An enchanted parenthesis

The Broceliande forest extends over 7,000 ha, on a vast territory, on the borders of Ille et Vilaine and Morbihan. Sculpted by nature, history and men, it remains the largest forest massif in Brittany. Its sumptuous setting with a bewitching atmosphere invites you to dream and discover.

Brocéliande forest or Paimpont forest?

In reality, the forest of Broceliande designated an ancient forest of 200,000 ha, which covered the Paimpont massif and more widely the Porhoët, that is to say the “country through the forest” (before the 11th c). Faithful to its origins, the Destination has preserved its immense scope, from La Gacilly to Bréal-sous-Montfort. Exploited by the first farmers, by the successive lordships and by the Forges, the contours of Brocéliande have evolved to settle around Paimpont. This is why the 2 appellations cohabit today. Over time, the beautiful deciduous forests of the deep forest have given way to oak coppice. The mildness of the climate then favored the implantation of softwoods. These natural contributions, influenced by the local economy, compose a palette of varied landscapes, a major attraction of the site. Woods, moors, hedgerows, ponds and peat bogs are home to a fauna and flora remarkable for their richness.

Enter the legend

Hikers, nature lovers, city dwellers in search of a change of scenery immediately succumb to the poetry of this land. With extraordinary trees, tourism here takes on another meaning, full of respect and wonder. In all seasons, a secret life animates this captivating country. In the spring, the flowers burst into life. In autumn, the foliage displays sumptuous colors. During the great migrations, the birds meet on the ponds. And what about the leprechauns or fairies that cross your paths! Set in these preserved landscapes, the famous Forges de Paimpont, the villages of Tréhorenteuc or Comper content, in their own way, the links which unite the inhabitants to the spirit of the forest.


Text written by Annick André

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