Ozégan Storyteller Musician


“The tale, first word of wisdom”

Ozégan, a modern-day bard, carries on the tradition of the saltimbanques and troubadours. He combines his talents as a storyteller and musician to criss-cross the territory with his bag filled with stories, music and wisdom tales from around the world.
A pioneer of storytelling walks in Brocéliande and elsewhere, Olivier Perpère, his real name, communicates with his audience and nature. He honours the forest, the magic and the beauty of life.
Always sharing, Ozégan regularly joins forces with the Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien and other musicians to capture the attention of his audience and let them hear the uniqueness of Broceliande.


… and musician

Enlightened enthusiast, he also hosts a living exhibition of about sixty instruments played during the time of the troubadours, with a musical demonstration. Traditional instruments, reconstitution of disappeared instruments or contemporary reimaginines. Thus his tales and stories are accompanied with the lyre of the bards, the psaltery with silver strings, the harp of the troubadours, the chifonie of the pilgrims of St Jacques or the flute of the shepherds of Arcadia for a real jump in time.

Throughout the year Ozégan offers themed evenings on the legendary Broceliande, Wisdom Tales and Celtic festivals (Samhain, solstices …). Every summer he organizes storytelling walks in the Forest of Broceliande.


From oral to written

Ozégan is also the author of some books:

– The Legends of the First Shaman. Ed. vega. 2019 NEW
– Le Tro Breiz. Le Tour de Bretagne. ed. Coop Breizh. 2017
– The Song of the Mists, published by Soleil. 2010
– Sur le chemin des Troubadours ed. Cabedita. 2003

Practical information

  • member of the Brotherhood of the Guides of Broceliande
  • member of the Guild of Storytellers of Broceliande
  • Storyteller guide since … the beginning of the storytelling walks in Broceliande!
  • storytelling and music evening, entertainment, storytelling walks, writer, etc…
  • Customized programs
  • Rates communicated on request to the storyteller
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Ozégan
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Ozégan
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Ozégan