conteuse en Brocéliande Le Conte ets Bon Marie Tanneux
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Le Conte est Bon Marie Tanneux

Storyteller and writer

Marie Tanneux tells “everything that cannot be said but simply transmitted”. Attached to the memory of places, to folk tales from Brittany and elsewhere, to stories of travel, quests and transformations, she transmits everything with delicacy and poetry.
The nature, the forest, their mysteries and wonders are her source of inspiration to lead you on true imaginary journeys. Her passion for myths, the sacred and the ancient civilizations is only matched by her passion for the quest of the grail. She also draws her energy from her grandmother “a wise woman, who still guides my steps, from where she is. A life always in the works to welcome, wonder and re-enchant the world”.

Serenity of mind and body

Marie Tanneux’s journey led her to the Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien where she immersed herself and was introduced to the forest of Broceliande through Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology with Claudine Glot. But her universe was also forged in classical theater, the love of words and yoga.
An accomplished writer, she plays with her pen to create many books of stories, and also children’s books and travel books.

Her performances

  • Tales in the forest of Broceliande about the places and the heritage that is waiting to be awakened
  • Evening Tales
  • Festivals
  • Storytelling at the home
  • Storytelling workshops for young and old
  • Yoga storytelling…
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Marie
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Marie
Confrérie des Guides de Brocéliande - Marie