reflet du château de Comper dans le lac
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The Center of the Arthurian Imagination In the heart of the legends

The Center of the Arthurian Imagination

When Viviane, Merlin and Arthur are not in the forest of Broceliande, they meet at Comper Castle. In the park and under the shelter of the red schist walls, they perpetuate the magic of the Celtic world. They invite you to discover the history and culture of the Arthurian legend.


The Comper Castle, erected by Dionas, father of Vivian, is reflected in the pond where the fairy raised Lancelot in her crystal palace. This is the ideal place is to go if you want to immerse yourself in the Arthurian legends! Every year, an exhibition presents this fabulous culture and the heroes that animate it. Texts, images and artistic works give life to fantastic creatures in captivating scenographies. Each year, a major exhibition breaks down the frontier with the Other World. To learn more visit the bookstore or the screening room which offers books and films for all ages.


The Castle is also the starting point for tours where real history intersects with the legends of the Round Table , going back to the Middle Ages. Passionate and fascinating guides will lead you through the park and along the paths. As you walk and listen to the stories, the forest becomes more and more enchanted. A whole cultural heritage, rich in inventions and adventures takes root near the trees and fountains. Storytelling outings are specially designed for children.


Shows, entertainment and events are regularly scheduled at the Pentecost of King Arthur, at the Rencontres de l’Imaginaire or for one-off appointments, laughter and emotion are always on the lips. Storytelling and music, magic and initiations to chivalry punctuate the agenda from April to October when the castle of Comper closes, the Little House of Legends takes over in Concoret. It opens its permanent bookstore, hosts artists in residence and events organized by the Arthurian Center. By its multidisciplinary approach and its respect for the legendary cultural heritage, the Center has become a reference point, whose influence exceeds the Breton borders.

Text written by Annick André

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