la Porte des Secrets, Brocéliandela Porte des Secrets, Brocéliande. Paimpont, Bretagne
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The Door of Secrets a magical and immersive show route

The Door of Secrets

In the heart of Broceliande, the show trail “La Porte des Secrets” offers a sensory immersion in the wonderful universe of the forest. Thanks to the magical effects and scenery, discover the different facets of the forest of Broceliande, its legends, its biodiversity, its magic and its poetry…

A poetic journey to the heart of Broceliande

The former outbuildings of the abbey open the doors to a unique scenographic experience. Pierre, a forest ranger, holds the keys. He welcomes you around a table where fairy beings are also invited. Chiseling phrases and repartees, he tells the story of Broceliande with humor and passion!

The different faces of the forest in one place

The tour continues in the heart of the forest. Sitting on tree trunks, you are transported to meet the local beliefs and the little people. Then the real forest gives way to enchantment… You are ready to go hunting for the korrigans! Thanks to a brand new interactive device, korrigans appear and then hide in the scenery… A playful moment, full of fun and poetry for the whole tribe!

Then Pierre invites you to discover the workshop of Paul the blacksmith. In this original reconstructed workshop, feel the heat of the fire, the ardor and the know-how of the craftsmen, sometimes artists, of iron. Before returning to the real world, the guard reveals the very essence of Broceliande: the Master Tree. It is an invitation to take time, to keep the spirit of curiosity and respect for the omnipresence of nature in Broceliande.

With your senses and mind lulled by the enchantment of this magical interlude, you are ready to take a new look at the surroundings: The territory of Brocéliande is full of activities and places for everyone! In the Destinations room, open the boxes and observe, you now have in hand all the keys to visit Broceliande and its surroundings! On your marks, get set, discover!

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