balade dans le val sans retour et découverte de la forêt de Brocéliande
©Emmanuel Berthier

Hot weather, risk of fire, stay vigilant! To enjoy nature, let's protect it

The forest: a refuge to be protected

This summer, what could be better than a walk in the forest? Enjoy the coolness under the hundred-year-old trees of Brocéliande while listening attentively to tales and legends, let yourself be lulled by birdsong in the Aff valley, smell the scent of gorse and heather in the Landes de Monteneuf … many magical experiences in the heart of nature await you with us!

But beware, nature is fragile and vigilance is required to preserve our landscapes of forests, moors and woods. In Broceliande forest more particularly, the story of our famous golden tree should be a constant reminder. A simple little spark can endanger our ecosystem and weaken biodiversity.

Recommendations for a calm and respectful stroll

High temperatures and drought are favorable factors for fire outbreaks. In order to continue to enjoy our magnificent legendary forest, moors and woods, vigilance is essential. Here are a few rules of conduct to best respect biodiversity in these sensitive natural areas:

  • Camping and campfires (and even smoking) are not permitted in the forest and moorland.
  • Think of leaving with your garbage but not with flowers or other natural elements, which must remain in the forest
  • Keep your pets on a leash
  • Use your feet, your bikes, but be careful, hiking trails are forbidden to motorized vehicles.
  • Even if it’s tempting, stay on the marked paths to preserve the flora as best you can, and take care.

A little reminder: the Brocéliande forest is largely in private domain.The owners of this massif allow access to the legendary sites during the summer period. So take good care of this precious heritage!

Stay tuned to the authorities’ instructions and think of everyone’s well-being: go to! And for any further information, don’t hesitate to consult your tourist offices.

Be vigilant and together, let’s protect nature!