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©Emmanuel Berthier

Hugues Ambassador around Guer

Hugh’s portrait

A panorama of three snapshots decorates his living room. Autumn leaves, a mighty stream, and meandering trails are photographed. An intoxicating triptych for Hugues. Enough to propel him on a walk, even when he is busy tinkering inside.

Because his taste for nature is addictive. Every other day, Hugues wanders. In the woods, always. Never on the hiking trails. His happiness lies in the unknown passages, traced by animals or forgotten by humans. This greeter, thirsty for encounters, does not experience a walk, here or elsewhere, without exchanging with an inhabitant, a farmer, or a walker.

So Hugues waits for the curious to “share landscapes and people” of his environment. He gives them a piece of advice: “Don’t have a preconceived idea of what you are going to see. The ambition is discovery.” Discreetly, you may come across a family of deer. Hugues tells amusing anecdotes on this subject.

A local child, he spent his childhood roaming the Guérande countryside. Retired, he recognizes a certain beauty. His favorite moments? The sunrises and sunsets over Coëtquidan and the forest of Paimpont, and the rugged woods that adorn the castle of Voltais. Shoe on, his imagination hardly runs out.

Text Léonie Place and photos © Eve Morcrette

To meet Hugues, contact:

2, Place de la Gare
56380 GUER