Our graphic charter

The Destination Broceliande graphic charter can be used by all our partners, both private and public. By displaying our logo on your website or your brochures, you show your membership in the network! The visitor can only be reassured and will see a consistency throughout his stay on the territory.

Download here the elements of our graphic charter –> Your turn to play!

The elements of our graphic charter


The logo:

  • A simple, soft, warm and elegant font thanks to its discreet serifs
  • A strong graphic identity element is highlighted: the B


  • The “smile curve” is ideal for use at the top of the page
  • The logo can be processed on a white background & black background as needed



The B:

  • The loops of the B are drawn by a ribbon that extends to form a heart, a symbol of the warmth of the welcome to the territory
  • The bar of the B is symbolized by a graceful, modern curve that brings naturalness: a fern shoot


  • It can be affixed to any support to mark “belonging” to Destination Broceliande
  • It is declined in sticker in particular or on any other derivative product (cup, bag, pen …)

The four-hearted shamrock:

  • A shamrock made up of 4 hearts, a symbol of good luck: it brings good luck and its rarity makes it valuable


  • Decorative element for any support
  • .

  • It can also be used as an asterisk that introduces the subject on text documents or presentations


The lace frieze:

  • Consisting of the spirals of the fern shoot and the 4-hearted clover, it symbolizes lace, an identifying element of


  • It can be affixed to a visual or a document (at the top or bottom of a page, for example). The frieze and the banners are
    declinable in the cameos of the colors of the charter


La police d’écriture



Les couleurs