The communication strategy and its tools

(Re)discover our communication strategy as well as the many tools at your disposal to welcome your customers and make the destination shine!

Our objectives & targets

Destination Brocéliande has been working for many years on the marketing dimension of the territory thanks to a communication plan based on an experiential and collaborative strategy.

This communication plan meets several objectives:

  • Promote awareness: Destination Brocéliande is a new destination to experience
  • To make people understand: A natural, preserved destination that allows you to spend a moment of sharing without artifice
  • To make people act: To encourage them to come and experience and share the destination

Targets in relation to the intended objectives:

  • Anchoring the destination with local residents
  • Federate professionals around the destination, with its values, messages and tools
  • Conquer new clienteles, on the Greater West and Paris – primarily families and young working and retired people

(Re)discover all the tools and actions implemented to meet these objectives. All of this strategy and its tools are made in collaboration with the tourist offices.


Our website

Thanks to the project E-Breizh connection in partnership with the CRT, we have made a redesign of our website in April 2019. The latter has two objectives: seduction (section “discover”) and the highlighting of tourist offers (section “prepare my stay”). Your offers are listed thanks to our shared database, regularly updated by our tourist offices. More than 370,000 visitors have visited it in 2021.

For any questions, modifications or remarks on your files, please contact us:

Discover section

Beautiful photos and complete articles allow the future visitor to project himself in Destination Brocéliande. Our main assets are listed: must-see leisure sites, Brocéliande forest, Nantes-Brest Canal, natural and cultural heritage, roaming and hiking.

In a collaborative spirit, we also put forward travelers’ photos via social networks.

Many pages include links to stay preparation located around the page they are viewing.
Example: When the visitor is on the page Poète Ferrailleur, he can directly view the accommodations or restaurants around Lizio.


Prepare My Trip section

Offers are categorized as follows: where to sleep / where to eat / what to do, then sorted by offer type.

Some offers are highlighted in connection with our main requests or our lines of communication: hiking, storytelling walks, markets, the agenda, local products or even crafts for example.

The offers are presented in the form of a map or a list with possible search criteria: municipalities, type of structure, dates, services, prices… All these elements come from our database.

Our social networks

Since 2017, a communication strategy on social networks has been put in place at the destination level with the help of a specialized agency. An editorial committee composed of the Destination Brocéliande communication manager and the 5 tourist offices meets once a month to analyze the results and plan the publication schedule. A budget is defined each year in order to improve the visibility of the publications and to create new content (videos, fun formats, etc.).

We invite you to share as much of our content as possible on your own networks to increase the visibility of the destination.

To publish on your networks, a single hashtag: #broceliande!


We post content on Facebook between 2 and 3 times a week, allowing us to reach an average of 255,000 people per month. With our community of over 70,000 fans, we have reached 3 million people in 2021 with our destination.

Our goal is to increase awareness, so we publish beautiful visuals as well as announcements of large-scale events. We also focus on video, allowing for more immersion.

We are also committed to communicating with our locals and local areas, with more targeted publications, especially concerning more local offers.

In order to face the current situation and to promote the economic revival of the territory, our 2020 communication will focus on the promotion of the tourist offer, notably through the creation of holiday ideas.



Our community on Instagram is nearly 14,000 people, which has allowed us to reach over 2 million people in 2021. Here, the goal is clear: to seduce. Through beautiful visuals from travelers and locals, we make the future visitor dream.

We also regularly publish stories, allowing us to highlight events for example or live locations.

The press and influencers

Each year, the destination receives local and national journalists, in partnership with the ADT Morbihan and Haute Bretagne and the CRT Bretagne. We help in the design of their programs and meet them to discuss the assets and offers of our destination. A press kit is being created in order to respond to their requests.

In the same way, we work with influencers (bloggers and instagrammers) on a regular basis. We participate in trade shows in order to create an interesting contact base. Thanks to these collaborations, we reach new communities and obtain qualitative content optimized for social networks.

Examples of collaboration: Hosting the blogger Et Dieu Créa, resulting in the creation of the video opposite.

If you are approached live by the press or influencers, please feel free to let us know at

Légendes et nature en Destination Brocéliande
Légendes et nature en Destination Brocéliande
Légendes et nature en Destination Brocéliande

Our paper editions

Various brochures are published throughout the destination:

  • The discovery guide (leisure and heritage)
  • The Broceliande forest map / must-sees of Destination Broceliande
  • The hiking map
  • The Destination Brocéliande discovery map (call document)
  • The summer agenda (web version only)
  • The roaming map (in progress)

Do not hesitate to contact your tourist offices if you want to get some to make available to your customers!

Other editions are also created by your tourist offices to highlight accommodation, restaurants and other more targeted or local offers.

Our actions towards the inhabitants and the professionals of tourism

Our mission is to make the inhabitants and you, the tourism professionals, into ambassadors of the territory!

For that two action plans (for the inhabitants and for the pros) were imagined by two trainees these last years and some actions have already seen the day:

  • an inhabitant pass highlighting some of the territory’s offers
  • targeted publications on social networks for locals
  • professional events promoting inter-knowledge and discovery of the offer
  • workshops to co-construct our development strategy
  • digital training workshops for professionals (which we would like to revive)
  • a web space dedicated to professionals (you’re there!)

If you have specific needs or expectations regarding the destination, we are here to listen: