Lizio - Cours des artisansLizio - Cours des artisans avec sa façade en vielles pierres recouvert de lierre
©Emmanuel Berthier
Lizio The charm of old stones


This small village of old granite stones has a crazy charm! At first glance, Lizio is a village filled with tranquility where it is beautiful to stroll during a sunny day. It seduces its visitors by the intoxicating perfume of its hydrangeas and by its sweet madness! Because yes, Lizio has that little je ne sais quoi that always makes its visitors come back. Maybe it’s for its three museums, each more unusual than the other? Or is it for its hiking trails steeped in the valley? Or could it be for its two escapes-games lost in the forest?

Small Breton village

Lizio captivating, Lizio fascinating, Lizio that enchants its visitors with a town brimming with a thousand and one treasures including the magnificent old granite stone houses. Their secrets? The cultivation of flax and hemp and the export of their fabrics to England which allowed the inhabitants to trade their wooden shacks for these beautiful houses. Not a pediment, not a cornice is identical to another. A circuit is proposed to discover the village in all its facets, from the “lewdness” that made the priest flee to the washhouse through the fountain of Saint-Lubin.

Four museums !

First, there is the Ecomuseum of the old trades where you dive into another world, tasty as a Proust’s madeleine for some or unknown for others. In both cases, we let ourselves be taken in by the game and we enjoy the often funny explanations of the owner of the place.

Then comes The universe of the Poète ferrailleur, an unusual, magical and fairy-tale place where magic works. We stroll around 70 animated sculptures made of salvaged objects: colorful, twisted and leaning towers, airplane riders, tightrope walkers and acrobats, …A clever mix of madness for young and old.

For the more adventurous, the insectarium is the perfect place as long as you are curious. Sometimes you have to look for a wing, a leg, eyes before guessing who is hiding there.

Last but not least: the Quarry Museum. Open one month in the year , it is a family story, from generation to generation, the Coudray family has worked in the quarries of Lizio and Roc-Saint-André. Gradually, the grandfather has formed his museum, he wanted to transmit … between stories and anecdotes.

An unusual and fascinating discovery

The Chapel of St. Catherine is a hidden wealth of Lizio. A small bucolic corner outside the town having been a former Templar priory and then chapel of the roads to Santiago, the history of Sainte-Catherine is worth the detour.

But the real originality comes from the way it is discovered. Each pilgrim had to be able to access it night and day thanks to certain codes and gestures. “The Gate of Heaven” a step-by-step made by Auguste Coudray makes you walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims, through 6 “passages” revealing the countless symbols composing the chapel.

The artisans in the spotlight

If there is an appointment not to be missed for lovers of beauty it is the Salon des artisans d’Art et du modèle réduit (mid-August). Since 1974, the small town is invaded by thousands of visitors who wander through more than 150 exhibitors in search of the dream object.

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