France, Morbihan (56), Tréhorenteuc, la Val sans RetourFrance, Morbihan (56), Tréhorenteuc, la Val sans Retour
©Emmanuel Berthier

Legendary Arthurian sites in Broceliande

Broceliande is like an open book. To discover all its magic, you just have to turn the pages and especially to open your eyes because behind this abundant nature are hidden beautiful stories.

From Real to Imaginary

Behind a tree, a stone, a pond or at the bottom of a valley, what seems insignificant takes on its full meaning when the words of a storyteller bring a story to life. And because each legend is unique, but stories are multiple, Broceliande can be discovered in the company of a messenger. Real or imaginary, through its places, stories and legends were born.

Fairies’s mirror, rock of the false lovers, Merlin’s tomb, garden to the monks, Barenton’s fountain, Vivian’s nest, giant’s tomb… scattered in the four corners of the forest, all of these legendary sites

Legendary Arthurian sites