Roches de Trebran - Concoret - MorbihanRoches de Trebran - Concoret - Morbihan
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The three rocks of Trebran

The Three Rocks of Trebran

Three huge boulders have been sleeping for thousands of years in an undergrowth near Concoret. The 3 rocks of Trébran, however easy they are to find, are enveloped with mystery. Their origin, no one can tell? They are not tombs, one cannot affirm that they were erected. Here is an attempt of an explanation, however…

The history of fairies

Fairies often come in threes, the tales say, and who would venture to contradict them? Three fairies had chosen Broceliande as their retreat. The inhabitants of the forest were good Christians, they also always had faith in them. This was essential to guarantee them a long and beautiful life. Fairies are curious about everything, one day they heard about a marvel under construction, north of the forest. It was the Wonder of Mont-Saint-Michel. Wonders are our business, the fairies would say to themselves! But they didn’t immediately grasp that this Wonder was the unparalleled architecture of Mont-Saint-Michel.


The Wonder of Mont-Saint-Michel

When they understood what it was all about, they were desperate to participate. In their lacy aprons, they loaded strong, beautiful red rocks and flew away. They were about to reach the edge of the forest, when they heard the bad news. “Too late, too late, the Mount and the Wonder are finished, your stones are no longer needed.” Dejected, the three ladies let their load fall to the ground; one fell flat, and two fell on their side. The place where they landed was called Trébran.
There is no more convincing explanations to explain the 3 huge stones, only one variant of the story that speaks of an old woman carrying a rock under each arm, and the 3rd in her apron.


Three identical stones laid : by whom, how and why?

You have to go a little deeper into the path marked on the right of the road from Paimpont to Gaël to find them. On the left in the undergrowth, three massive blocks of a reddish-brown colour can be seen. The largest of the three stones lies flat on the ground. It measures 4.60 m long, 2.60 m wide and 0.95 m thick. The rock which constitutes them is a red puddingstone with white quartz grains. And here comes the mystery again, because in Trébran the subsoil is composed of red schist. Obviously, the stones were brought here. By whom, how and why? So many unanswered questions to this day, except by the tales. The pious spirits will follow the abbot Guillotin, rector of the parish of Concoret, and will see there a representation of the Holy Trinity. For the cartographers of the mystery, the stones lie halfway between Carnac and Mont-Saint-Michel. They are located, historians point out, along a Roman road, but also near the one taken, in 1944, by the troops of American General Patton.

Text written by Claudine GLOT, Centre de l’imaginaire Arthurien (CIA)


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