Pentecôte Du Roi ArthurPentecôte Du Roi Arthur
Lancelot child of Broceliande and exceptional knight

Lancelot of the Lake

Lancelot, the greatest of knights, the perfect lover, the son of the fairy, the child of Broceliande. “Never did we see a being radiant with so much beauty, value and quest” say, with reason, the old tales.

The Child of Benoia

Lancelot is the son of King Ban of Benoic, a neighboring kingdom to Little Britain. Abducted by the Lady of the Lake, he becomes “the son of the fairy”, the “beautiful found”. Unaware of his origins, he spends his childhood in the enchanted domain of the Lake, in the forest of Broceliande. When he arrived at court, his silver weapons earned him the nickname of “white knight”. Lancelot is one of the last Arthurian heroes to join the Round Table. Perilous bed, bridge of the sword, tombs full of devils, knights by the dozen, giants, dragons, spectres, he is dedicated to the most beautiful battles, to the rarest exploits. No one can compete with him unless he uses magic. Solitude is the price of his extraordinary destiny. He binds himself only with Galehaut, son of the Giant Beauty, of the exclusive friendship of exceptional warriors.


Lancelot loves the queen unabashedly and without limits, but cannot live his passion in the open and is rarely present at the Round Table. His love withstands all trials. Guenievre imposes on him the cruelest choices: to ride in the cart of infamy, to be defeated in a tournament. Morgane holds him captive 3 times, he does not give in to her. His only infidelity happens by magic, so that Galaad can be born. This involuntary betrayal pushes him to madness and to escape into the forest. Lancelot’s perfect and guilty love forbids him to find the Grail. Yet it is he who is chosen to father Galaad, a chaste knight, a violent warrior, who will become King of the Grail.


Arthurian stories agree that Lancelot was born in Gaul (thus in France) or in Little Britain. Little Brittany where the Joyous Guard, his only possession, rises, will also be his refuge from Arthur’s anger and Gauvain’s fury whose brothers he killed. However, he never ceases to be the best support of this king to whom he owes nothing, not even the sword of his knighthood offered by Guinevere. During the siege of the Joyeuse Garde, the king, who had come to avenge his nephews, finally found himself at the mercy of Lancelot. Despite the exhortations of his companions, Lancelot saves his life.

Text written by Claudine GLOT, Centre de l’imaginaire Arthurien (CIA)