Lac de Viviane, château de Comper, Concoret. BretagneLac de Viviane, château de Comper, Concoret. Bretagne
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Viviane the Lady of the Lake

The fairy Vivian

Near the lake at the foot of Comper Castle, a young girl sings… Viviane, a woman with a keen mind and great beauty charms Merlin, the enchanter of the forest. Water fairy, protector of the knight Lancelot, Viviane masters the enchantments and knowledge of nature. Throughout the Arthurian legend, the Lady of the Lake watches over and protects the knights and King Arthur …

Vivian and Merlin

Madly in love with Vivian, the enchanter lavishes her with attention. Legend has it that to delight the young woman, Merlin built a lavish palace visible only to the fairy and the people of her court. The palace of crystal to the eyes of men appears in the form of a lake, in the castle of Comper. Over the days, over the years, Merlin initiates Viviane into the art of magic, delivering all its secrets to her until the one that will cause her downfall… Tired of his absences, the fairy will finally use the formula to imprison the enchanter forever.

Lady of the Lake, protector of knights

In her palace, the fairy will raise a child collected near the shore of the lake,whom she will initiate to the art of chivalry . Once grown up, the child answering to the name of Lancelot will leave to join the knights of the Round Table and fulfill his destiny that has become legendary… It is also Vivian who gives the sword Excalibur to the King Arthur and accompanies the ruler to Avalon after the fateful battle of Camlann.