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Find in this section all the useful information for professionals during the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. This section will be updated and completed regularly and we remain at your disposal to answer your questions related to the current economic crisis.

News as of 09/02/2022

Find all the updated information related to the situation: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus

Gauge in facilities receiving the public

As of February 2, there is no longer a gauge in seated public accommodations.

Mask Wearing

As of February 2, 2022, wearing a mask outdoors is no longer mandatory. However, its wearing remains recommended in situations where the physical distance of one meter is not possible.
Indoors, in public transportation and places receiving the public, wearing a mask is mandatory from age 6.

Vaccination pass

Since January 24, the vaccination pass is mandatory for all people aged 16 and over. It applies to the public hosted and to people who work in places and events where the vaccine pass is required.
The health pass continues to apply to people aged 12 to 15 in places where the public is welcome.

What is the vaccine pass?
The vaccine pass consists of presenting, in digital format (QR code previously registered on the TousAntiCovid application)or paper, one of these three proofs:
– Vaccination certification (complete vaccination schedule, booster dose included within the allotted time for those 18 years and 1 month and older who are eligible) ;
– Certificate of recovery of more than 11 days and less than 4 months (as of February 15, 2022);
– Certificate of contraindication to vaccination.
It is mandatory to present it to access certain places, sites or events.

Who is concerned by the vaccination pass?
The vaccine pass concerns all people aged 16 and over.

In what places is it mandatory?
As a general rule, the vaccine pass is mandatory in all places where the health pass was previously required: museums, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, festivals, libraries, restaurants and bars, sporting events and establishments receiving the public (ERP)…

Vaccine pass and tourist office
The vaccination pass is not required to enter the tourist office. However, the application of barrier gestures is required (wearing a mask, use of hydroalcoholic gel, …).

Vaccination pass and tourist accommodations, what rule?

Hotels, B&Bs and guest houses.
Tourist accommodations offering only lodging are not subject to the vaccination or health pass for 12/15 year olds. On the other hand, access to common areas: dining room, bar, swimming pool, spa, … can only be done on presentation of a vaccination or health pass for people aged 12 to 15.
The wearing of a mask is compulsory in the common areas for all persons over 6 years old.

Campgrounds and vacation villages
For campsites and vacation villages, the vaccination pass applies at the entrance of the stay, but does not have to be required every time guests make the choice to go to the pool or restaurant of the campsite or vacation village.

More info on the list of sites where the vaccination pass is required: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/pass-vaccinal


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