Our 2020 communication actions Post-Containment Recovery Plan

The year 2020 is unprecedented and brings its share of questions regarding the tourism sector. Since the beginning of the health crisis, Destination Brocéliande in collaboration with its tourist offices has been able to adapt its communication actions and anticipate as much as possible the recovery of the activity.

For several weeks, a recovery plan that fits into the regional approach and in line with government announcements has been thought out. This is based on a pillar that is the mutualization of tools, time and skills of each and fulfills an objective of support for the economic activity of professionals in the territory.

Our communication actions 2020

1. Join the regional approach

The Regional Tourism Committee of Brittany has announced a €500,000 recovery plan including various actions:

  • A communication campaign to promote Brittany and its territories through a message that is adapted, common and appropriable by all (institutional and professional). This campaign is presented in detail in this article.
  • A support platform for professionals to implement health measures, with the designation of referents per territory:
  • Watch and observatory actions
  • An approach to collecting information from professionals (opening of sites and establishments, health commitment, new services and equipment …) in order to feed local, regional and national databases. In order to update, our website, thank you for answering this questionnaire.

Destination Broceliande has participated in all meetings and project groups and is pready to join these approaches and accompany professionals with the help of its tourist offices. All communication actions and tools are reworked in this sense.

2. Stand out from other French territories

The Prime Minister has announced that the French could travel to France this summer, so it is crucial for us to stand out in order to attract potential visitors. Many French people who would have planned to go abroad are looking for a new vacation destination, others are looking for a place away from the city to breathe or to meet up with friends and family. Destination Brocéliande has all the assets to attract them: wide open spaces far from the crowd, unusual and economically accessible activities … In short: a friendly, sustainable, reassuring destination.

For several years, and thanks to the pooling of human and financial resources of the tourist offices, we have been conducting an awareness campaign that focuses on the values mentioned above. Thanks to the name of “Broceliande”, it is the whole territory that could benefit from a significant visibility. In a context where the competition in France will be multiplied, it seems essential to us to continue on this path and ccommunicate together on the wealth and diversity of our territory.

3. Leverage a high-performance website

Destination Brocéliande’s website, which was redesigned in April 2019, has nearly 300,000 visitors each year. It fulfills both a seductive function, thanks to numerous articles written in compliance with the rules of referencing by all the tourist offices, but it also has a role in helping to prepare stays.

The entire tourism offer is presented there, in the form of sheets, fed thanks to the regional platform.The quality of the information is therefore essential and will be even more so tomorrow, with a view to reassuring future visitors. With the help of the CRT, a questionnaire is sent regularly to professionals allowing them to update their information (as indicated above). We have set up new functionalities, allowing us to display new criteria (on the health commitment for example) in order to be in adequacy with the new visitors’ expectations. This will concern accommodation, but also restaurants, leisure sites …

Many articles are also planned, to highlight our professionals :

  • Interactive map of open leisure sites (as we did for restaurants offering delivery or takeaway during the containment and until they reopen)
  • Selections of unusual accommodations, great natural spaces, group lodgings to get together with family …
  • Stay ideas (for a day, 3 nights, a week …) according to our targets (family, couple without children, itinerants) in order to allow the potential visitor to better project himself
  • Relay of good deals or promotional offers from professionals

We are listening to the tourist offices and professionals of the territory about their needs for the creation of new pages.

Other developments have been put in place to better respond to customers while ensuring sanitary measures as the implementation of an online instant messaging.

4. Communicate through social networks

In 2020, a budget of 17,000 euros is planned on social networks. This is broken down into a “graphic design” line and an “advertising” line. With a community of nearly 70,000 people on Facebook and over 8,000 people on Instagram worked for years, we reach an average of 320,000 people per month.

Today, our goal is simple: to highlight the tourist offer. For this, different actions are envisaged, with a significant budget for each in both graphics and advertising:

  • Anotoriety campaign on Facebook with the Breton and Ile-de France target: by appropriating the message of the CRT campaign and referring to our website (to the stay ideas or “selections” articles for example)
  • The sharing on Facebook of the above-mentioned new articles with the possibility of targeting very finely the people reached (family, within a radius of x km, loving nature …)
  • A contest game on Instagram (prizes to win: meals, activities, accommodation).

It was proposed to the tourist offices, to make available to the destination an additional budget for the promotion of offers by territory.

In parallel, we continue the creation of content: photos, videos, reports on professionals … which will also be put online. Destination Broceliande’s editorial committee, composed of one agent per tourist office, meets once a month to develop the publication schedule as well as the content creation needs.

5. Promote the destination to the press and influencers

Destination Brocéliande’s mission is to spread the word about the territory. This is done through web tools such as the website and social networks but also by hosting influential people in the territory, such as the press or bloggers. For several years, we have been accompanying the press departments of the CRT and ADT56 and 35 in this mission and we also host journalists and influencers directly.

The development of a press kit is planned for the next few months and will thus allow us to go out and conquer new contacts and thus promote the destination. We also have a large database of bloggers.

6. Supporting tourism professionals

For several years, Destination Brocéliande’s mission has been to support professionals with the objective of promotion and federation. Thus, in parallel with the actions planned for the animation of the network this year (setting up a working group for the creation of an eco-traveler charter or end-of-season event, for example), a dedicated web space on the website has been created. This contains both elements of information, tourist observation but also useful tools to increase competence (tutorials, practical guides …).

In order to financially support the professionals, on our scale, it was decided that all the prizes and endowments (for the competitions or even during press and blogger welcomes) would be entirely financed by Destination Brocéliande. No commercial gesture will be asked to the providers and the invoices will be paid in 2020, even when the lot will concern 2021. Our communication campaigns will also be staggered over time, in order to allow support the back season.