Marketing strategy

As part of its tourism development strategy, Destination Brocéliande is qualifying its tourism offer and is involved in a marketing approach for stays throughout its territory.

A commercial strategy study was commissioned by Destination Brocéliande for the period 2021-2023 from the firm TOURISM’DEVELOPMENT in 2020.

Following the recommendations made in this study, a “business bringer”strategy has been put in place and several stays are under construction:

  • Stay“BECOME A LEGEND OF BROCELIANDE”: 4-day / 3-night stay for large families and tribes (up to 15 pers.) around the universe of “Tales and Legends of Broceliande”
  • Stay “CREATIVE AND FUN INSTANTS IN BROCELIAND”: 5-day / 4-night stay for families (up to 6 pers.) around the universe of “Creative Spirits” (artistic creation, crafts, local know-how, awakening of the 5 senses)
  • Stay “WEEKEND FUN AND ADVENTURE IN BROCELIANDE” : Stay 4 days / 3 nights for small groups of friends, around the universe of the “Nature Bath” (disconnection/reconnection to nature, sport and relaxation, fun).

These stays will be offered to tourism distribution intermediaries during 2022, in order to offer themed programs over several days, for small targets of customers wishing to discover the destination and its different universes.

The goals of our strategy:


  • Federate means (human, tools, actions), strengthen complementarity and transversality with the destination’s tourism offices and services
  • Enable stays to bring Destination Brocéliande to the forefront on a regional to national level, by including in the programs strong territory markers and services corresponding to the territory’s identity and its universes
  • Propose, to small target clienteles, unusual and tailor-made stays (“à la carte” program) adapted to the demand and the current context
  • Incite vacationers to season wings to minimize seasonality
  • Relax the consumption of tourism products and services by diversifying customer segments
  • Be in an innovative prospective approach carried by the Brittany Region

Sought-after customer targets:


  • Families and large families (tribes): these clienteles travel over several days for micro-adventures and to share moments, close to home but different, exotic. They are demanding activities and collective accommodation to share (reminder: “traditional” family = up to 5 people / tribe = from 6 to 15 people)


  • Small and mini-groups: among friends, these clienteles are looking for “high-end” and qualitative products, mixing authenticity and sharing unusual and innovative experiences. In affinity groups, they are demanding products targeted around a particular universe or theme (hiking, bike touring, adventure, relaxation, disconnection…)