Sentier sonore - The Landes of Monteneuf (July 2016), heatherSentier sonore - The Landes of Monteneuf (July 2016), heather
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Monteneuf The case of the giants


At the gates of the Forest of Broceliande, Monteneuf is a small, peaceful village … in appearance! Behind this calmness hides a universe combining nature and imagination that carries the visitor and leads him through the moors for wonderful encounters.

Nested in the moors

The village, surrounded by woods offers an ideal playground for walk lovers. Take time for a discovery around the pond of the Red Riding Hood, in a setting that pushes to soak up what surrounds us. The rustling of the leaves, the birds chirping happily are enough to let settle the impression of hearing the muffled footsteps of a Korrigan.

Meeting the giants

In its forest, Monteneuf is the guardian of a mystery that has fascinated man for centuries: The site of the straight stones. More than 400 menhirs in a green setting. Giants, some still hidden, that we observe, that we touch with our fingertips and that, if we look closer, reveal their history. Palette of colors, shape, trace of the past, they whisper their secrets to us.

To learn everything

Monteneuf, whether its moors or its menhirs, visits are made alone or with a guide from the Centres Les Landes. The latter option immerses the visitor in history through fun and educational workshops to answer all the questions that curious people have. How did man move these gigantic stones? What were they used for? How was a fire lit in the Neolithic period? So many questions that deserve answers.

Time to play

The village is also home to a strange inn where pawns, dice and cards accumulate. Its name? L’Auberge des Voyajoueurs  (The Travelling Players’ Inn). A hotel like no other, an unusual spirit in an ecological envelope. A clever mix that in addition to welcoming travelers for a night or more, abounds with more than 800 games inside and outside for young and old children. A place, promise of crazy laughter and wild parties from morning to night.

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